Reinvent Retirement.
Love your future.

Join the first-ever global community focused on the second half of life. Built on connecting, exploring and thriving. Your adventure awaits.

Expand your horizons with exciting new places, meeting interesting new people, and enjoying endless opportunities.

Explore our locations around the world. Get ready to meet incredible people, experience life changing excursions, and expand your possibilities.

Stories from the fire pit

Jorny locations connect you with fellow adventurers who have rich life experiences but still yearn to lead their most active and enthusiastic lives. Now is the perfect moment to forge meaningful connections and propel yourself forward.

Discover the transformative impact of Jorny.
Meaningful connections await wherever you are.
Online Community
Forge new connections and expand your life within our vibrant online community.
Your Daily Hub
Indulge in deeply personalized and captivating opportunities to embark on new learning journeys and explore uncharted possibilities.
Worldwide Outreach
Connect with individuals from every corner of the globe, forging unbreakable bonds through shared experiences and a passion for life.
Reinvent your future, starting now

Gain inspiration from firsthand stories shared by our members and discover how they are actively transforming midlife into their absolute best life.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Join our Welcome Meetings happening every day!

Every day at 5pm EST, we GO LIVE to welcome new members with open arms and virtual high-fives. This is your chance to hop on a call and find out what Jorny can do for you. Be ready for big energy! The countdown is on.
Here's how it works

Check out our online and in-person destinations around the globe, where you can find more of what matters to you.

The Community
Jorny Connect

Jorny offers a free starter level to welcome everyone in. Join the VIP level for exclusive access to events, personal connections and white-glove service from our professional team to curate experiences you will love.

The Daily Pass
Jorny Growth

We provide you with access to a world of enriching Jorny experiences, courses, and workshops meticulously crafted to ignite your passions and facilitate personal growth. Whether your interests lie in music, art, sports, yoga, or foreign languages, our offerings cater to individuals of all skill levels.

The Weeklong Retreat
Jorny Explore

Embark on a transformative week-long sojourn at our highly sought-after locations. We meticulously curate an array of unforgettable activities that encompass the physical, intellectual, and spiritual. From sailing and hiking to immersive business classes, the Jorny experience is unlike any other. Our week-long getaway will not only invigorate your spirit but also create lasting memories with newfound friends that will stand the test of time.

A Healthy Take on Life
Where good health, great adventure, and deep connection come together

We design Jorny experiences with the health and wellbeing of our 55+ community in mind, which means you’re never far from the best medical professionals. We have policies and procedures for the “what ifs” and we are ready for the right now. Rest assured, we’ve covered all the bases to ensure your Jorny experience is everything you need to make midlife your best life.

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