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Explore our locations around the world. Get ready to meet incredible people, experience life changing excursions, and expand your possibilities.

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Jorny locations connect you with fellow adventurers who have rich life experiences but still yearn to lead their most active and enthusiastic lives. Now is the perfect moment to forge meaningful connections and propel yourself forward.

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Online Community
Forge new connections and expand your life within our vibrant online community.
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Indulge in deeply personalized and captivating opportunities to embark on new learning journeys and explore uncharted possibilities.
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Connect with individuals from every corner of the globe, forging unbreakable bonds through shared experiences and a passion for life.
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Gain inspiration from firsthand stories shared by our members and discover how they are actively transforming midlife into their absolute best life.

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Welcome to Jorny's Membership Options

We have tailored membership plans to suit your needs and preferences. Explore the perks of each tier below and embark on your journey with us.

Free Community
Jorny Connect

In the tranquil sanctuary of our Free Community, members enjoy exclusive entry to our private Facebook group. Within this virtual haven, individuals can connect with like-minded souls, share experiences, and forge meaningful connections, all while maintaining the option to engage as passive participants.

Paid Membership
Jorny Grow

With our paid membership members unlock a world of possibilities. In addition to unrestricted access to online content and social media as active participants, they gain exclusive entry to all groups and selected events, fostering deeper connections within the community. Enjoying monthly access to all Jorny locations and complimentary use of amenities, members can embrace the full spectrum of Jorny experiences. Furthermore, they indulge in unlimited access to Jorny's core courses and events, enriching their journey of self-discovery. As a sign-in bonus, members receive 2 free nights, with the opportunity to collect an additional night every 3 months of membership, ensuring their exploration knows no bounds.

Jorny Explore

Embarking on a Jorny Stay transcends ordinary experiences. In addition to all the privileges of the paid membership, retreat-goers enjoy unparalleled access to all programs and activities, immersing themselves fully in the enriching tapestry of Jorny offerings. Each month, they delve deeper into their journey with an advanced course, unlocking new realms of understanding and growth. It's a holistic experience where every moment is an opportunity for discovery and renewal.

A Healthy Take on Life
Where good health, great adventure, and deep connection come together

We design Jorny experiences with the health and wellbeing of our 55+ community in mind, which means you’re never far from the best medical professionals. We have policies and procedures for the “what ifs” and we are ready for the right now. Rest assured, we’ve covered all the bases to ensure your Jorny experience is everything you need to make midlife your best life.